The Coalition Visits Bangladesh to see Rohingya Refugee Camp and Water Aid's Work in Dhaka


Author: Alexander Zur-Clark

In September our CEO Theo Clarke visited Bangladesh, where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees are fleeing from violence, rape and devastation of their homes across the border in Myanmar. Whilst as Kutupalong makeshift settlement Theo met many of the families being supported by UK Aid.

As of the end of September, the UK has given £35.9 million in aid this year to Bangladesh, so far providing 10,000 shelter kits, 10,500 mats and 20,000 blankets. Shelter for up to 26,355 people has already been provided by the UK since the first refugees made their way to Bangladesh. UK Aid is helping people who have had to flee their homes with nothing. 

September is monsoon season in Bangladesh, and Waterborne and airborne diseases remain an increasing risk to women, children and the elderly as the refugee settlement continues to grow. Whilst in Bangladesh, Theo also visit an urban slum in Dhaka with Water Aid saw how international donor support is ensuring that water and sanitation facilities are being provided to local communities.