The Coalition Visits South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda with World Vision


Author: Alexander Zur-Clark

In September our CEO Theo Clarke visited Bidi Bidi refugee camp in northern Uganda, where South Sudanese refugees have been fleeing across the border. Violence escalated in South Sudan in July 2016, and famine was declared by the UNHCR in February 2017. Due to an increase in international donor support, the famine was halted in June 2017. Whilst there Theo saw how UK aid is helping to provide vital support in terms of education, health care and food supplies. She also attended a livelihoods workshop where refugees are being taught key skills to become self-sufficient.

There are now 270,000 refugees living in Bidi Bidi camp, most of them women and children. The Ugandan Government is to be commended for generously settling refugees on arable farmland. The refugees Theo met with all expressed a desire to return home when it was safe to do so. However, the violence in South Sudan continues and it is clear that further support will be needed from the international community before then.