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Theresa May is right to focus on post-Brexit trading opportunities in Africa | Theo Clarke

This week we have seen the Prime Minister, and her dance moves, splashed across our front pages as she makes her first official visit to Africa. Preparing Britain for life post-Brexit, Theresa May is attempting to woo the continent and build on the UK and Africa’s historical relationship. She has announced that she wants the UK to be the G7’s number one investor in Africa by 2022. This is certainly an ambitious agenda but one that I welcome and believe is achievable through a focus on both trade and aid.

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Ending Ebola in the DRC: Why I'm Proud UK Aid is Keeping Us Safe | Theo Clarke

Imagine if you lived somewhere where there was no 999 to call. You can’t ring your local GP because there isn’t one. There is no ambulance to call, let alone a road to get to you. Your local health clinic is lacking clean water and refrigeration to store essential drugs. And when a deadly virus breaks out they lack even latex gloves, soap or a thermometer.

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Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP | Speaking at the Coalition for Global Prosperity Launch | Video

Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP, former International Development Secretary of State,  speaks at the launch of the Coalition for Global Prosperity about why he thinks Britain must remain a leader in international development and why investing in UK aid helps create a healthier, safer and more prosperous world for us all.

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How to make a reality of ‘Global Britain’: The role of development and diplomacy

In early April the Coalition for Global Prosperity and the British Foreign Policy Group brought together analysts, civil servants and development agencies to consider practical answers to this challenge. In particular we were interested to understand views on how the UK’s development agenda should relate to the government’s Global Britain policy and how to encourage the development and diplomacy sectors to work better together.

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Coalition for Global Prosperity invited to speak on soft power and UK Aid at FCO conference at Wilton Park

At their recent conference, the Foreign and Commonwealth office brought together a select group of leading foreign office officials and partners and a range of future leaders to debate the key global issues facing Britain today. The Coalition for Global Prosperity’s Chief Executive Theo Clarke was invited to the weekend to speak on the crucial role that UK Aid plays in promoting Britain’s soft power.

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View From Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp: Why Britain is Right to Invest in Development | Theo Clarke

Let me take you to northern Uganda on the border with South Sudan, where you will find one million refugees, brought there by war, disease and drought. And to the Bidi Bidi camp in particular, which I visited recently, where over 270,000 refugees now live. Refugee numbers here are growing faster than even in Syria, yet it’s a place largely forgotten by the world.

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Spend a Penny: Foreign Aid is Helping Girls and Women Have Access to the Loo

Theo Clarke

Women and girls are being denied the opportunity to reach their potential because of the simple injustice of not having access to a loo, says Theo Clarke, Chief Executive of The Coalition for Global Prosperity.

Starting your period can be stressful for any young girl. But being able to use a clean loo in private is a privilege that most British girls can take for granted.

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