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Better Britain: The decline of the Foreign Office must be reversed

Britain has always commanded huge respect in the international arena; we punch well above our weight despite our size as an island nation. Today, the UK sits on the G7, G20, Five Eyes and the United Nations Security Council. We are one of the few countries to have hit the 2% target for NATO. And we are a global leader in development, committing to the 0.7% overseas aid budget to ensure the UK helps spread prosperity around the world.

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Foreign Policy Leaders call for a stronger Foreign Office alongside an independent Department for International Development

A new report published on the 18th June by the British Foreign Policy Group Running Out of Credit: The Decline of the Foreign Office and the Case for Sustained Finding sets out the trajectory and impact of cuts to the Foreign Office back to 1973, and urges the government to increase funding for the Foreign Office (FCO) to ensure it can deliver the UK’s post-Brexit ambitions and strengthen Britain’s global influence.

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