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Soft Power: Diplomacy and Development Working Together to Make a Success of Global Britain

On Wednesday 30th January, the Coalition for Global Prosperity, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development were delighted to co-host a private roundtable with the Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific, the Rt Hon Mark Field MP, at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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Read Our Essay in Bright Blue's Magazine on Britain as a force for good

There are plenty of people who argue that aid is a waste of money. Secretary James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis – current US Secretary of Defence, and former Commander of the US Joint Forces – isn’t one of them. In 2013, Mattis said if the US cut its diplomacy and development budgets “then I need to buy more ammunition”.

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How to make a reality of ‘Global Britain’: The role of development and diplomacy

In early April the Coalition for Global Prosperity and the British Foreign Policy Group brought together analysts, civil servants and development agencies to consider practical answers to this challenge. In particular we were interested to understand views on how the UK’s development agenda should relate to the government’s Global Britain policy and how to encourage the development and diplomacy sectors to work better together.

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