Penny Mordaunt: I will prove that Britain can be proud of its aid – and that it can trust the way we spend it

Article originally appeared in The Telegraph

Britain has an amazing record, but its people must be confident that their money is really helping the needy

I believe in aid. I believe in the power it has to end disease, hunger and extreme poverty, to build strong economies and to help the world’s most vulnerable people live lives of dignity. Aid also allows us to influence and shape the world around us. Alongside our world-class defence and diplomacy, it provides the greatest return on investment for the taxpayer’s purse: to head off trouble before we have to intervene militarily or to handle a crisis, and to create opportunity, peace and prosperity.

I believe British people know the power of aid, too. They understand the benefits it brings: how eradicating deadly diseases such as Ebola protects us here at home, how the provision of education and economic opportunities around the world can stem migration. And they feel a moral obligation...

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Theo Clarke